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    Designed to meet the needs of modern commerce marketers, our marketing automation solutions allow you to create highly targeted, personalised and relevant campaigns – all while exchanging critical data with your existing systems

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What is It anyway?
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We currently have a Marketing Automation Platform

We help organizations maximize investments made in their existing Marketing Automation platform. In many cases, we have found that internal marketing teams require additional technical resources to deliver more of what they know works. We’ve also found these organizations are looking for strategic guidance on the best way to utilize the platform.

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We don't have a Marketing Automation Platform

We enable organizations to reduce manual processes and connect disjointed digital marketing programs with modern marketing automation technologies. Our guidance and “walk before run” process puts your organization on a multi-year journey designed to evolve your marketing programs and position the automation platform as the single source of all marketing data.

What is It anyway?

What is Marketing Automation?

Don't know what marketing automation even is? Don't worry - Marketing Automation is our "bread and butter." 

Marketing Automation is a digital marketing strategy that is used to automate repetitive tasks in real time. It uses your customer’s information to assess and communicate with your users intelligently.

The strategies employed in automating marketing focus on streamlining your marketing and sales efforts to improve your reach. In simple words, you can automate your manual tasks and segment your audience, and delight them with personalized experiences, to show you care about them.

With strategies like automated email marketing and managed workflows, you can successfully convert leads on your website with lead nurturing and lead management.

Know Our Marketing Automation Process Better

Platform selection, setup, and website integration

The Best possible solution for your situation for the foreseeable future. 

Out of a host of premium marketing automation platforms, we handpick the most ideal platform for your website to begin your marketing automation campaign with the right step. Our experts will make sure that you get the best out of whichever platform you chose by integrating it with your website.

Goal setting and strategy

Planning and Execution to perfection

Planning is the mother of implementation. So, our experts plan well in advance and use the latest marketing automation strategies to take your business to the next level. They carefully assess your business type, your existing customers and the biggest players of your industry before developing the marketing automation strategy that opens new avenues for your business.

Customer segmentation

Segmenting the potentials and customers to various stages so they are continuously monitored and followed up with

Now comes the step that our experts are too good at. Customer segmentation is a necessary practice to follow for automated marketing as this not only helps you to win over new customers but also regain the old ones who might have left you. Our team will help you understand your customer’s buying journey and make decisions based on that.

Focused Targeting

Various aspects of future customers targeting based on current customers profiling.

Now that you know your future customers and understand their buying preferences, you need to pitch your product or service to the prospects who show interest in your products and services. If your product reaches the right customer at the right time in a targeted manner, the chances of converting strangers into loyal customers increases exponentially.

Lead Management

journey builder for lead management

Take advantage of the latest marketing automation strategies and reach prospects as well as loyal customers in ways that compel them to return to your website again and again. These streamlined processes are carried out from the pre-purchase period to the post-purchase period for lead nurturing and management.

Tracking & reporting

Unless there is a simple understanding of the reporting structure it is of no use. 

Our experts do not just implement the ideal marketing strategy but they also keep on tracking and reporting via bi-weekly reports to help you understand how our marketing automation services are affecting your business. This way we can steer in the right direction with enhanced results and better lead management.

Let us be your marketing automation partner

"We are a marketing automation agency that works with small and medium-sized businesses to create goal-based campaigns using digital marketing automation to streamline your advertising and marketing efforts and to boost lead generation."